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James Gaydon - Born in the Sussex Countryside James grew up loving the green fields and woodland areas that became his playground. Making bow and arrows from hazel rods and bale twine, optimistically digging bear traps, collecting clay from river banks to make pots and forever trying to catch wild rabbits was his childhood. As a teenager he learnt from his older farmer friends how to truly respect and appreciate the fauna and florna and better understand the natural environment.James is a forest school teacher and experienced bushcraft instructor. He is a keen spoon whittler and often raises eyebrows when he is spotted at the side of the road harvesting roadkill venison!

Dustin James  -  Dustins passion for the outdoors began at a young age having gone through Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and later completing the Duke of Edinborough award. He is also a keen fisherman and enjoys annual expetitions to the French Pyreneese mountains. To add to this, he has written articles for the Bushcraft & Survival Skills magazine, The Bushcraft Magazine and various Scouting publications to name a few. He has also designed and manufactured numerous bushcraft tools which he retails through various outlets worldwide. Dustins passion for bushcraft is instantly evident and will certainly rubb off on you.

Jamer Hunter - James has been a valued member of our team since 2013. A keen outdoorsman with a poassion for all things adventurous he is currently training towards his mountain leadership course. James is also a Scout leader and plays an active role with in his local scouting association. In addition to his skills and experience, his abilioty to engage and relax sometimes challenging young people has proved to be invaluable on our courses.

Simon Humpfreys - Simon grew up in a small mining village in the countryside and spent his childhood playing in fields and wondering the woods in search of wildlife. From trapping wild animals for food to learning the skills of bushcraft and survival, Simon has developed a vast knowledge of all things bushcraft. Simon joined the team in 2016 and we consider him a valuable and knowledgeable asset to the team.

Luke Edwards - Currently travelling the world, Lukes passion for all things bushjcraft is evident from the moment you meet him. Luke came to us, after a few seasons working for a large bushcract company. Luke joined our team in 2016.  

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Tom Beanland - Chef Tom has a true passion for cooking and is also a keen surfer. Tom has cooked for many known chefs, such as James Martin, who he cooks for every year for a 'shot lunch', on a Cornish shooting estate. Tom joined the team earlier this year and we just love working with him!

Our team has been hand-picked to provide you with the broadest offering of skills and experience.

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